9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before buying. Thanks to Shopadvizor ratings and comments, you can support them in this decision.

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Use customer reviews to improve SEO and website traffic, and engage your customers to consume your products.

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Generate certified ratings and reviews to distribute them in differents platforms.


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Only 24% of new product launches survive their first year on the market.

A pre-launch campaign helps you anticipate results and ensure you’re launching a successful product. 

Key information that enables a better understanding of consumer reality.

Shopadvizor also supplies an immense amount of user-generated information, which is very useful for retailers and brands. This will help them better understand the reality of consumers and develop solutions tailored to their needs.

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The Innovation Choice Shopadvizor awards the best innovations on the market.

Winning brands and distributors can acquire this license to increase their sales in-store, through e-commerce, or throughout consumption campaigns.