Since 2020, Shopadvizor Spain’s website enables consumers to try free products or products with discounts in 13 supermarkets in a trade-off for their opinion.

Since 2019, the app Shopadvizor France allows users to make better purchasing decisions by accessing information of more than 64,000 products, being able to compare their ratings, comments and nutritional information with the help of more than 18 million Ratings & Reviews from more than 1.2 million consumers.

Since 2003, MonAvisLeRendGratuit program has allowed more than 1.2 million consumers to test more than 20,000 different consumer references for free in 233 French Carrefour hypermarkets in exchange for their opinion. So far, more than 185,000 exclusive content has been generated for more than 1,150 brands.

From 2018 to 2020, the program “Opiná Probá Ahorrá” has allowed more than 55,000 consumers to test hundreds of free products at Uruguay’s leading supermarkets Ta-ta in exchange for their opinion. In 3 years, more than 260,000 Ratings & Reviews were generated for 270 brands.